Safety Program

 Safety First & Always

shutterstock_217195945The management team and field employees at JET Tank Service are very knowledgeable, experienced and committed to 100% safe operations. We are a family oriented organization and the health and welfare of our employees is of utmost importance to us. We will spare no effort or cost to ensure that each and every phase of each and every project is analyzed and discussed in a manner to provide the safest possible environment for our employees and our customers’ employees. Our desire, intention and unlimited effort are for each and every employee to end the day as healthy and whole as they started the day. We also fully understand that in our line of business, if you don’t have a company that is 100% committed to safety throughout the ranks then you won’t have a company for long.

Our Safety Program Consists Of:

  • ISNetworld membership and reportingshutterstock_246634768 (1)
  • Company Safety Manual approved and accepted by ISNetworld
  • Individual employee safety training to include initial, refresher and “changing conditions” training on all aspects of our business
  • Drug and alcohol screening/testing program with Pipeline Testing Consortium and monitored by NCMS
  • Development and review of a project specific Safe Work Plan for each and every project. This is considered a living document that can and will be revised and reviewed with any changing jobsite condition.
  • A dual daily permitting process to include General Work Permits, Hot Work Permits and Confined Space Entry Permits. JET Tank Service provides this permitting sequence in addition to any and all client required permitting, to ensure that we take an active role in the permitting process.
  • Subcontractor safety vetting process
  • Daily Job Safety Analysis and crew review on each project
  • Documented on site safety meetings and job site safety inspections
  • “Stop Work Authority”- This program empowers any and all of our employees to stop any process or task for further safety review, in the event that they do not totally understand the task or process, or feel that the process or task could be performed in a safer manner.

 A Message From Our President

100_0526“As a customer, you can rest assured that our commitment to a safe operation is a strong one. We are totally committed to “Safety First and Always; Quality Every Time.”-Jerry LaValley, President