Steve Darwin; Tank Coordinator- Centurion Pipeline

  • Steve Darwin

    Centurion Pipeline

    I have been using JET Tank Service on many of our projects since 2012. They have done everything for us from complete bottom replacements and floating roof installations, to in-service seal installations. I can say without hesitation they are the most prepared group of individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. From an extremely detailed job specific safe work plan, to all drawings, MTR’s, etc., all required paperwork was in hand well before the beginning of construction. The JET Tank Service commitment and approach to safety could be used as an example to the industry, and their attention to quality mirrors that commitment to safety. I have used the phrase to my peers, ‘They’re like a Ronco oven; you can just set them and forget them.’ I highly recommend these guys for any of your tank repairs and refurbishments.

  • Larry Reynolds

    Holly Energy

    “I’ve worked with JET Tank Service since they started their business, and the quality of people and their work performance coupled with a dedication to safety has been the foundation for their success on projects they’ve completed for me.  The owners, Jerry, Elmer and Troy have been a great asset to me on many projects and always make themselves available to share their years of expertise and guidance.  When JET Tank Service is on site, I don’t have to be!”

  • Craig Humble

    Cleveland Integrity

    First class group! JET Tank Service will do what they tell you they will do. They take the extra initiative to give you an honest bid. They show up ready to work and get the job done. And most important they do the job right the first time! Record keeping is excellent so no chasing down missing MTR's, WPQ's, Drawings etc. They are always very helpful when unforeseen issues arise. Working with JET Tank Service has been a blessing on all the occasions we have worked together.